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Eye On Design Festival


Identity for EyeOnDesign, a fair during which markets, artisans, artists, music and shows fill the street of the city. The task of the project was to create a bold, colored identity, instantly recognizable, that would express a festive mood. Its 4 different modules allowed a dynamic identity, from posters and printed program to merchandise and web communication. Also 4 module were made, one for each module, explaining the meaning of some of the most characteristic aspect of the fair and the city. Based on 4 basic emotions of an artisan inspiration, exploration, feeling, awakening.

Eye On Design


Logo and even more than the proposed image identity is inspired by the visual work of couple Sonia and Robert Delaunay. The rhythm created by the simultaneous contrast of color. It is a reflection of rhythmic form and color, inspired by the music we want to develop for the identity of EyeOnDesign.

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