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Building amazing experiences
& Tell visual stories

I deliver amazing experiences that make people talk, build strategic value for  App, websites, tech, brands, arts & culture. With Crazy High Standards & Endless Passion, I design interfaces that are both functional and fun to use.

​UI/UX Design

Website Design

User Experience

​Brand Identity

Motion Design

Art Direction

And More

I strive to make life

easier by using

Some friends I have 
worked with

Driven by the combination of aesthetics and innovation.

Featured Projects

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Hung is  The one who inspires me a lot. One of the extremely wonderful things about Hung is that he is a very talented designer. He is technically knowledgeable in the areas of media, website, and application production.  He gives me objective views, multi-dimensional perspectives to be able to come up with the best solution.

 tran truong
Senior  Product Designer at InFina 

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Hung is a talented designer and came up with some inventive designs when we launched our new D2C brand. He enhanced the brand's visual appeal and created some eye-opening pieces for our website. Hung will be an asset on any design team and I  look forward to working with him again.

Edward Truong
CEO/Founder  at Future Brand

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After several years of working together, it is undeniable that somehow, the presence of SunHung was something that makes you look back at yourself and ask whether you have tried your best. He's pretty good at seeking the new and not afraid to throw it into people around him.

Minh phuc bui

Front-end  team leader at   Viivue agency


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